Insurance for homes under construction/renovation

If you see the employees in the home renovation centre more often than your best friends, you’re probably doing home renovations. As opposed to what you may find beneath that third layer of old flooring, the coverage we offer has no surprises in store.

Do you plan on doing major construction work in the near future?
Save yourself the worry and hassle. Contact your insurance broker as soon as you decide to undertake a construction project on your property.

How to avoid unpleasant surprises

Big or small, renovations increase the value of your home. Since your policy must reflect the insurable value of your property, any changes must be reported to your insurance broker, who will evaluate the situation and offer the best product to meet your new needs.

Claims regarding your property undergoing construction or renovation may not be admissible if such changes are not reported on time to your insurance broker.

The right premium for the right value

Are your home insurance needs evolving? Your construction or renovation project requires your undivided attention. Focus on choosing materials and dealing with your contractor while our professionals take care of finding the right insurance product for your evolving needs.