Protect the credibility of your business with surety bonds

Traditionally favoured by the public sector, surety bonds are becoming more and more popular among private companies wishing to safeguard their credibility in the eyes of their partners and customers. Besides building trust, surety bonds offer businesses unparallelled flexibility.

What surety bonds can do for your business

Surety bonds give you greater financial leeway in business negotiations. Bonded companies obtain more advantageous prices from suppliers and subcontractors, who get the peace of mind of knowing they will always be paid on time. They also enjoy a more solid reputation, meaning access to preferential rates from lending institutions.

Another advantage of surety bonds is that pricing levels can be adjusted until the very last minute. This flexibility allows companies to be highly responsive. For example, they can modify their prices based on current competition.

Furthermore, surety bonds are often required in calls for tender, meaning bonded companies are more likely to be awarded major contracts. At ESSOR Insurance, our expert understanding of your needs guarantees you quick access to surety solutions.



Surety bonds built on mutual trust

At ESSOR Insurance, our relationships are grounded in mutual trust between entrepreneurs and our high-level team. Once we’ve completed a thorough assessment of your needs, we’ll guide you through the entire surety process. Let us help you put together a solid application and maximize your chances of being accepted by surety providers.

The advantages of surety bonds with ESSOR Insurance

ESSOR Insurance’s solid reputation in Quebec has earned it privileged relationships with companies that specialize in surety bonds. ESSOR Insurance offers a wide range of products to meet a great variety of needs:

  • Bid bonds
  • Release of holdback bonds
  • Letter of guarantee for oil and gas companies
  • Performance, labour and material payment bonds
  • License and permit bonds
  • Other types of bonds