Our mission? To be an exceptional partner!


To maintain our position as leaders in insurance brokerage and financial services in Quebec by providing our customers with wide-ranging and custom-built solutions and supportive and personalized service.

Our values

Our three core values are embodied in all of our operations

  • Professionalism

    • Nearly 60 years’ experience as expert brokers
    • All our professionals must obtain ethics certification
    • The best product and the best service for the best price
    • Honesty, reliability and competence: valuable qualities within the industry
    • Customer support with insurance quotes and claims
  • Empathy

    • A human-centred, customer-focused approach
    • A close partnership between the customer and their ESSOR broker
    • An understanding workforce
    • Strong community involvement
    • Empathy toward its own employees
  • Flexibility

    • Access to a wide variety of insurance solutions to meet diverse customer needs
    • Fast and effective solutions to any issues or problems, with an unwavering commitment to top-quality support

Our commitment

The commitment of ESSOR Insurance brokers can be summed up in one clear and simple statement: to seek out and deliver the best products available on the market while offering personalized service to all our customers, all the time.

Your insurance, we are on it.