Together, we’ll determine what
ESSOR Insurance can do for you.

Keeping things simple

Your broker’s job is to help you choose protection that suits your needs. The formula is simple: your broker works for you. Your broker has expert knowledge of the products available on the market and will explain your options in clear and simple terms. Plus, it pays to do business with an ESSOR Insurance broker!

Count on us

Your broker is your ally. They have the experience, resources and skills to assist you with your specific needs, whether it’s finding a product or submitting a claim. What could be more reassuring than having an expert on your team?

The advantages of dealing with a broker

  • A dedicated and accessible professional, at your service

  • Your broker will take the time to analyze and discuss your needs

  • An advantageous insurance policy, even for difficult situations

  • An ally to help you with the claims process

Peace of mind


I would just like to express deep appreciation for the empathy and support shown by ESSOR Insurance in the case of my grandmother, Rolande Lambert.

Brokers Martin Robert and Meggie Fortin, in particular, went above and beyond and considered the human element implicit in the contract.

Keep up the good work and please share this note.


Jessica MénardSatisfied Customer


This is to compliment you on the quality of your agent Mr. Barbeau. I worked for BRP for 22 years in customer service and I would have taken a dozen Christian Barbeau in my department.

You can hear him smile when he answers and talks to you, which is a rare commodity these days, believe me.  When you're not happy, you say so. Well, I want to tell you that I am 100% SATISFIED, and more than that, I am satisfied with his patience, his understanding of my needs, his active listening and his attitude.

I would like you to forward this email to Mr. Christian Barbeau who is based in Lévis Qc. because he deserves it, believe me.

I now have 2 vehicles with you, 1 RV from my spouse and 1 car of my own for the moment, but I have other vehicles and I will come back to you.

thumb essor

Michelle CusteauSatisfied customer

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