COVID-19: A message from the President, Michel Duval

In these challenging times, we are here for you. We are continuing to offer you our best customer service and support you through this difficult situation.

Together, we’ll determine what
ESSOR Insurance can do for you.

Keeping things simple

Your broker’s job is to help you choose protection that suits your needs. The formula is simple: your broker works for you. Your broker has expert knowledge of the products available on the market and will explain your options in clear and simple terms. Plus, it pays to do business with an ESSOR Insurance broker!

Count on us

Your broker is your ally. They have the experience, resources and skills to assist you with your specific needs, whether it’s finding a product or submitting a claim. What could be more reassuring than having an expert on your team?

In-person and online service

Our brokers can adapt to your needs and are committed to assisting you better. Talk to us at one of our 20 branches across Quebec, or contact us through our website. Your well-being and protection are our top priorities.

The advantages of dealing with a broker

  • A dedicated and accessible professional, at your service

  • Your broker will take the time to analyze and discuss your needs

  • An advantageous insurance policy, even for difficult situations

  • An ally to help you with the claims process

Peace of mind

I recently had the pleasure of having a discussion with Isabelle Frenette from Essor Insurance regarding the renewals of my home and car insurance. 
I am satisfied with the services provided by Essor. Ms Frenette was very in tune to my needs and she listened diligently, she took the necessary steps to provide me with the correct information which helped obtain the best insurance coverage at the best possible rate.
Thank you for your excellent service

Michel Marchand

Michel MarchandSatisfied Customer


This letter is to emphasize the excellent work of our broker Linda Rivard.We have done business with her and ESSOR for many years now in Shawinigan. She has always put a special attention to our car and home insurances.She knows how to find the best coverage insurance available at the best cost.With courtesy and good humor, Ms Rivard has the answers to all of our questions. ESSOR should be proud to have such a good employee in their team.

Thank you, Ms Rivard, for your professionalism.



Gaétan Brisson

Gaétan BrissonSatisfied client