Farm insurance: Protect your heritage

As assets that often get passed on from one generation to the next, farms require protection. A farm is much more than land, material and buildings. It’s a whole way of life. As advisors, our role is to help you preserve your farm as effectively as you operate it.

Farms as diverse as Quebec’s landscapes

Every farm has its own identity. Whether your business is livestock farming, grain or vegetable cultivation or any other form of agriculture, your farm has specific characteristics and specific needs.

With a presence in Quebec stretching back many decades, ESSOR Insurance knows all the ins and outs of the farm insurance business.

Rely on our recognized experts to assess the value of your agricultural properties, listen to your needs and offer tailor-made solutions to protect your farm.


Is your agricultural business evolving? Your insurance should, too!

Life on a farm may be marked by the annual passage of the seasons, but that doesn’t mean the business is predictable. Agriculture has been thoroughly modernized, a transformation that is still continuing.

Your farm insurance plans should reflect the latest developments to ensure you have the best possible protection.

ESSOR Insurance sees itself more as a partner than a broker, and our goal is to satisfy both your immediate and long-term insurance needs.