Protect your construction project

Is your business helping to build the Quebec of tomorrow or to restore the Quebec of days gone by? From individual homes to water mains, the construction industry involves many trades and a great variety of projects. Whatever the type and scale of your construction project, ESSOR Insurance will put its expertise at your disposal and offer you liability protection that meets your needs.

General and specific risks

The most common form of insurance covers civil liability, which is not always sufficient in the event of specific types of risk. Other protection is needed, such as:

  • Construction site insurance
  • Wrap-up insurance
  • Insurance for the construction of water mains and roads
  • Surety bonds

There are also specific programs for housing co-operatives and other organizations which may or may not be directly linked to construction.

Talking to an ESSOR broker can help you get your bearings and obtain coverage for your specific situation.


Advice and support during and after construction

ESSOR Insurance listens to your needs in order to offer you the most suitable protection. We believe in a close partnership with our customers. The construction sector is complex, requiring equal amounts of consultation and support during and after the construction process. ESSOR Insurance provides these services and handles all requests with speed and efficiency thanks to its recognized expertise in this specialized field.