Insuring the safety of your worksites

Is your construction company building the Quebec of tomorrow or renovating the Quebec of yesteryear? The construction industry uses many different professions and trades in executing a wide range of building projects – from individual homes to municipal water systems.

Regardless of the size and type of construction sites you work on, ESSOR Insurance offers you expertise and liability insurance that meets your needs.

General protection and specific risks

The most common type of construction industry insurance is liability insurance. However, this is not always sufficient to provide effective protection against certain risks specific to your business.

  • Worksite insurance: this covers your tools, materials, machinery and equipment against damage, loss, theft or vandalism on the worksite.
  • Wrap-up insurance (worksite liability): this covers the civil liability of everyone working on a single site. It’s ideal for large construction sites with many subcontractors.
  • Surety bond: this protects your suppliers and clients against risks like non-payment or delays in completing the work.

Our insurance line also includes shipping and water system insurance as well as programs for housing cooperatives and other organizations directly or indirectly related to the construction industry. 

ESSOR Insurance brokers are there to guide you through the maze of construction industry insurance and find the products that suit you best!

Advice and support during and after construction

ESSOR brokers listen to you carefully so that they can offer you the protection that best suits your needs. We believe in a close working relationship with our clients. 

The construction industry is a complex world that must rely on sound advice and thorough follow-up during and after construction. ESSOR fulfills this role perfectly, as well as being quick and efficient in handling your files. Our construction industry expertise is well-recognized. Contact us for more information!