Comprehensive protection for condo owners

Condos offer the benefit of owning a home without all the extra work. Rest assured that in Quebec, the principle of joint ownership applies only to a condo’s common areas, the use of which is regulated by the condo association.

Simpler living

For many people, owning a condo is the fulfilment of a dream. No more Sundays spent mowing the lawn or vacations missed due to house repairs!

As a jointly owned property, maintenance and repairs are financed by the co-owners according to pre-determined rates.

The condo association takes out insurance that covers most forms of damage to the building and includes liability coverage for common areas.

Insurance to protect your personal property

This protection, while comprehensive, does not cover personal property or renovations that increase the value of your unit.

Let ESSOR Insurance shop around for protection that best suits your needs. Once you’ve established the value of your property, the insurance quote may be completed online or at a branch.

Thanks to add-on options, ESSOR Insurance gives you the opportunity to custom-design the perfect insurance solution for your needs.