Comprehensive protection with home insurance

Whether you’re a tenant or you own a house or condo, it’s a smart idea to take out insurance to cover losses in the event of property damage. This type of protection is also generally required for most bank loan applications. Home insurance taken out in Quebec with ESSOR Insurance can cover a very wide range of risks, including damage to your own home and to neighbouring property, such as in the event of fire or water damage.


Peace of mind, just in case

Over the years, you invest in new furniture and equipment for your home. If a major disaster were to strike, the value of these investments could fall to zero. Therefore, in addition to taking out home insurance, it’s essential to inform your insurer if the value of your personal property approaches or exceeds the compensation limit. The same is true if you’ve completed renovations or major additions that increase the value of your home.

Depending on the situation, this type of insurance can be taken out by the owner-occupant or by the tenant.

You can also personalize your insurance, with options such as theft coverage for example, especially if you own high-value objects.

Tenants and homeowners turn to ESSOR Insurance’s brokers for advice and expertise on being protected against the risks they face.

Insurance for all types of homes

ESSOR Insurance closely monitors trends in construction, both in terms of materials and design practices. Then there are the risks associated with your home’s geographical location. When issuing you a home insurance quote, a maximum amount of criteria is taken into account in order to offer you protection ideally suited to your needs.

Leveraging its decades-long presence in Quebec, ESSOR Insurance boasts a wide range of home insurance expertise, from rental properties in the big city to secluded cabins used during cottage season.