Insurance for small and medium-sized businesses

Small enterprises, sports and cultural associations and other organizations play an important role in Quebec’s economy. Whether they’re for-profit or non-profit, these small and medium-sized businesses are exposed to a series of risks.

Insurance coverage for errors and omissions and administrator and senior manager liability

All professional and community undertakings involve risks that can incur the liability of management. The brokers at ESSOR Insurance understand the needs of SMEs, traders, craftspeople and community organizations when it comes to liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance.

This form of protection guarantees compensation to victims in the event of errors or negligence on the part of management or employees. These plans pay out damages for bodily injury or material damage.


Protection for real and specific needs

At ESSOR Insurance, there’s no one-size-fits-all insurance for professionals, as every field has its own needs when it comes to protection. Before issuing a quote for civil liability insurance, the brokers at ESSOR Insurance will determine what kind of coverage you really need. You’ll then be offered an insurance solution ideally suited to the risks you face and the level of protection you want.

ESSOR Insurance offers a wide range of protection solutions including coverage for:

  • Retailers

  • Manufacturing workshops

  • Small and medium-sized businesses

  • Condo associations

  • Non-profit organizations and associations

  • Property owners

  • Boards of directors