Insure your auto trailer

When your storage and transport needs exceed the available space in your trunk, it makes sense to attach a trailer. Good coverage can provide a lot of things, including peace of mind when you’re inevitably hauling your friend’s furniture come moving day. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Whether you use it daily or sporadically, and irrespective of the weight it carries, your trailer is always subject to the provisions of Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act.

Here are just some of the SAAQ’s recommendations:

  • Load the lighter items on both sides of the heavier items to avoid body roll in curves.
  • Keep more distance than usual between your vehicle and any vehicle you are following, because the trailer’s weight and load increase braking distance.
  • Failure to abide by these obligations is subject to a fine of $175 to $350, plus costs.
  • The load must not block any lights or headlights.

Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act

Don’t lose your friend's furniture onto a busy street on moving day. For helpful advice on trailer safety and your legal obligations, click here.