Enjoy your boat or personal watercraft with peace of mind

Quebec offers a wide range of water-based leisure activities, including sailing, riding watercraft and fishing. Don’t let an accident, theft or other incident spoil your fun. Let ESSOR Insurance shop around Quebec’s boat insurance market to find the best protection for you.

Boating season doesn’t last long. Choose an insurance provider that can handle your claims with speed and efficiency.

Be protected, no matter which direction the wind is blowing

Fishing from your boat’s deck and riding a powerful Sea-Doo involve vastly different sensations—and different risks. We offer solutions that cover all water-based activities, whether they’re performed on a river, on a lake or in the open sea.

Set the right course with the right coverage

Like land vehicles, water vessels carry the risk of personal injury and property damage caused to third parties due to loss of control or negligence. Liability coverage for such eventualities is included in your boat insurance plan, meaning compensation for victims and payment of your legal expenses.

However, this basic coverage often needs to be supplemented with additional options, such as protection in the event of theft, vandalism and accidents with no at-fault third party, not to mention the cost of transporting your vehicle.

Did you know?

Numerous variables are considered when calculating insurance premiums, such as the driver’s age and experience, the area in which the vessel will be used, and the vessel’s make, size, value and engine power.
You need an insurance solution that will take all these factors into account. ESSOR Insurance’s customized plans and experienced brokers will help you get there.