Leverage your group’s purchasing power and get better rates!

If you’re an employer, why not offer your employees a group insurance plan? Not only will they save on their home insurance, they’ll also access a wide range of exclusive advantages like our Client Service Guarantee and our Two-Year Policy, which freezes their premiums for a period of two years, even if they’ve submitted a claim.

Contact us to find out about the discounts available for various professions and see how much you could save. Take advantage of our special rates today!

Know the difference that group insurance can make

Our group insurance differs from the coverage usually offered by employers. Employers’ insurance generally covers sickness, drugs and special protection such as critical illness.

ESSOR Insurance’s group home and auto insurance solutions are different in that they provide members with exclusive coverage of their home and vehicle.

Examples of exclusive member benefits

  • Free telephone legal assistance
  • $5,000 legal expenses coverage
  • $25,000 identity theft coverage
  • A reduction of up to $300 on your deductible for claims of above $1,500
  • $1,000 protection for the theft outside the insured premises of property not returnable to the insured premises
  • $1,000 coverage for lock replacement if your keys are stolen
  • The replacement value of your home with no obligation to rebuild in the event of a total loss
  • The Intact Insurance Assistance Program
  • Special group rates

Some conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

Trust the experts!

Expertise in the field of group insurance has been a part of our company’s identity for nearly 60 years. The key to our success is our claims support service. Our brokers ensure that your exclusive benefits as a group member are respected. They regularly monitor your file and follow up with the insurance provider to ensure a speedy return to your normal activities.