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The broker, a partner of choice in insurance

Your broker, a precious ally in the field of insurance

Generally speaking, there are two ways to subscribe to insurance: you can deal directly with a primary insurer or with a broker. Not sure, what’s best for you? Choosing to deal with a broker offers a number of benefits that are well worth considering.

A broker gives you access to several insurers

At best, primary insurers can only evaluate which of their own products are more appropriate for your needs. Brokers, for their part, make you the centre of their concerns and propose several possibilities. By comparing the offering of different insurers, your broker is better able to find an insurance that really corresponds to your specific needs.

A broker is a very helpful resource

Not an expert in insurance? Most people aren’t. But rest assured, an insurance broker is an expert in the field who represents an important source of advice.

In addition, the role of this professional is to study various markets and to feel the pulse of several insurers in regard to your file. In doing so, he frees you from undertaking on your own this often long and painful process!

A broker defends your interests

A broker works for you and not for any single insurance company. In this capacity, he is your trusted intermediary with insurers. He always negotiates in your best interest and manages your file as if it were his own.

When submitting a claim to an insurance company, working through a broker helps minimize potential problems. You have a professional that takes charge of your file and assists you until the final settlement.

A broker has more leverage with insurers

Due to the fact that he represents many clients, a broker has more power when dealing with insurers. In effect, the volume of business that he represents gives him a greater flexibility for negotiating a better premium than individual customers. This advantage allows him to offer you insurance suited to your needs at a very competitive price!

Wouldn’t you prefer to do business with a broker who has your best interests at heart? Contact us.

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