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Protect your roof from the melting snow

Spring is just around the corner... finally! For most of us, this is the time of year when flowers start growing again and we can hardly wait for the first terraces to open for business again. However, this season also comes with the possibility of some risk to your roof. Did you know that melting snow can seriously damage this part of your house?


Collapse and infiltration: Am I covered?

With most insurers, the collapse of a roof, due to the weight of snow and ice, is covered if these damages occur suddenly and accidentally.                                    

However, roof collapse is not the only thing we should be trying to prevent! In the spring, we also need to monitor the level of melting snow because it may well cause significant damage due to water seepage into the house.

So be on the lookout for signs of water seepage. Water stains, bubbles and droplets appearing on the ceiling or on the upper floor walls of your house are a clear and urgent signal that you should act quickly.

Removing the snow from your roof is an effective prevention measure

To reduce the risk of water seeping in, it's important to remove winter's accumulation of snow on your roof. There are three types of roofs that need close monitoring: flat roofs and roofs with a gradual incline as well as roofs where ice barriers can form on the borders.

Before doing something about the problem, keep in mind the following tips:


Establish a safety perimeter before removing the snow and inform the children, neighbours or tenants of the impending snowfall.


Use scrapers or telescopic handles to remove as much snow as possible from the ground. If you must climb up on the roof, anchor yourself with a safety harness.


It's time to remove the snow on your roof when accumulation reaches 61 centimetres (24 inches). It is essential to clear the roof's edges to stop water from seeping in.


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