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It's worth it to claim without delay!

You’ve just received one of life’s unpleasant surprises, but luckily, you are insured. Good for you! Question: When should you contact your insurance broker? Answer: As soon as possible!


Get all the help you   need right off the bat

If   you have any questions or require clarification on certain grey areas, your   broker will be able to inform you. He knows everything about your coverages,   your deductibles and your resources.

You   should also think of your broker to help you deal with the negative   consequences of a loss. For example: in the case of a major disaster that   forces you to leave your residence, he will direct you to the resources that   are available.

Start the settlement   process

The   sooner you contact your broker, the sooner you receive assistance. He will   put you in contact with a claims adjuster who will be able to assess the   damages without delay.

Your   broker will also remind you of the steps to be taken, including the   importance of protecting the property to limit the damages.

Victim of a   hit-and-run?

In   this case, you should contact the police and make a report. Depending on your   coverage, you could be compensated without having to pay any deductible. On   the other hand, if you do not have hit-and-run coverage, you should inquire   at the SAAQ about a   possible recourse to the compensation fund for hit-and-run victims.

Call us whenever you   need us!

If   a disaster or an accident occurs outside office hours, no problem, at EssOR   we’re here for you! We offer 24/7 emergency service. One of our   specialists is always available to help you.

In   the meantime, if you want to learn more about your coverages, please feel   free to contact us!


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