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Climate change = + water damage!


Global warming is leading to an increase in severe weather in Canada, particularly since 2005. The very warm weather favours greater evaporation, which has the effect of increasing snowfall and rainfall. In addition, sea levels are rising due to the melting icecap. Unfortunately, this means that certain unpleasant situations will  probably happen more often.


Getting your feet wet

If your area is flooded as a result of pouring rains, you will probably get an accumulation of water on the ground. This is a major problem that can seriously damage your floors and any other items that get soaked. Your computers, for example!

Toilet overflow

Keep an eye on the toilet! In  case of a sewer backup, this is the only channel left for overflowing wastewater that has nowhere else to go. These wastewaters can cause a lot of damage!

Raindrops falling on your head

Pouring  rain can cause water to eventually seep through the ceiling! This may be due to the fact that your roof covering is in poor condition or because your upstairs neighbor has water on the floor.

Sprayed by sprinklers

Sprinklers are mostly triggered by a fire, freezing or accidental damage. Fires trigger sprinklers, but a leak can occur during a flood. Sprinklers are sensitive and can be hit inadvertently.

Water infiltrating the foundations

These damages are more hidden and you might not notice the immediate consequences of water infiltration. Be careful! An obsolete structure may allow water seepage. And too much moisture in the foundations can affect insulating materials and wood studs.

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