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5 things to know concerning your RV


Since discovering the pleasures of an RV, your holidays have never been better! That’s great! But what about coverage? This vehicle serves as your second home: Is it properly insured? Here are 5 aspects worth considering:

1. Automobile or house insurance?

The kind of insurance you need depends on the use you make of your RV. Do you use it as a means of transportation or a mobile home? Check the criteria with your broker!

2. You can insure your personal property onboard!

You probably travel with a number of items of considerable value such as electronic devices. Rest assured your personal property (i.e. items which are not a fixed part of your vehicle) can be protected. Just remember to get some additional coverage.

3. Are you insured in case of breakdown?

Do you value your peace of mind? CAA offers roadside assistance to pick up and return your vehicle in case of breakdown or road accident.

4. Replacement cost for up to 10 years!

In case of theft or total loss of a new vehicle, many choose the “replacement cost value” clause enabling them to quickly obtain a replacement vehicle. This coverage often extends from 2 to 4 years. But in the case of a recreational vehicle, you can obtain coverage for a period of up to 10 years!

5. Storing your RV is not a good way to save

Except in the case of motorized homes, storing a recreational vehicle does not reduce your insurance premium. It already takes into account the fact that these are seasonal vehicles.

Would you like to save on your RV insurance premium? EssOR can help you.

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