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5 reasons to bundle your insurance

Should you buy your various insurance policies separately or purchase them all from the same Insurance Company? By bundling your insurance policies, you increase your leverage. Here's how this strategy can benefit you.


1. Get discounts!

Who doesn’t want to save money? When you purchase several insurance policies, your Broker can offer you a bigger discount, just like when you buy several products from a single store or trader. As a result you save money on each one.

2. Increase your bargaining power

Should you make several claims and find that your file is deteriorating, you will be in a better position to negotiate your renewals and your premiums.

3. Make sure you’re being heard

Another advantage of buying all your insurance from the same Broker is that an Insurance Broker carries more weight than an ordinary insured individual in the eyes of an Insurer. So, your Broker is there to guide you, advise you and represent you in the event of a dispute with the Insurer. A Broker can be extremely helpful in this role.

4. Keep it simple!

Why complicate matters when it’s so simple with an Insurance Broker. All it takes is one phone call.

5. Does your company have 250 employees or more?

Are you benefiting from a group discount for your home and auto insurances? A major Broker such as EssOR negotiates specific agreements with various professional groups, associations and employers. You might be in a position to benefit from these advantages negotiated on your behalf!  Contact-us to see if you are eligible for these discounts.


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