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Thanks to its integration strategy for significant mergers and acquisitions that took place in 2001, in 2002 Essor obtained the Client Attitude MD certification, awarded by the Petite Université, a well-established private training centre in Laval.

Since then, expertise and high-quality products and service have been considered a given. To differentiate themselves, a growing number of businesses are focusing on inter-personal skills, encouraging their employees to excel in better satisfying clients.

The Client Attitude certification allowed these very dynamic organizations to master the art of . .

  • stimulating the art of innovative thinking
  • solving problems rapidly
  • adapting to constantly changing environments

« The Client Attitude training helps us develop a strong feeling of belonging and lasting partnerships with our clients,” explains Michel Duval, President of Essor. “This original, simple and effective management tool allows us to ensure everyone’s full participation. In addition to an excellent work environment, it fosters the loyalty of our key resources, and the stability and durability of our company. »

What more can we say?

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